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Case Studies

Emerson College: Media Relations

From 1996 to 2009, Emerson College implemented a bold program to relocate its campus from the staid Back Bay section of Boston to the city’s economically depressed Theatre District. The undertaking represented rapid and significant change that unsettled many alumni, staff, and students. Some feared moving the college to a neighborhood known as “The Combat Zone” would deter prospective students from applying.

As the Emerson’s vice president for public affairs during the relocation, David Rosen generated support for the move. He kept internal and external constituencies informed and promoted favorable media coverage. This included a 2003 Boston Globe editorial commending Emerson for transforming its adjoining neighborhood and a 2006 Boston Globe Magazine cover article titled “Out from the Shadows,” which chronicled the turnaround of a little-known college that had been on the verge of insolvency.

Press coverage and other pubic relations initiatives during Rosen’s tenure greatly enhanced the visibility and reputation of the college and contributed to a four-fold increase in applications, an increase in enrollment, and an improvement in the academic profile of the student body.

Yeshiva University: Media Relations

In 1995, Yeshiva University in New York City received a $22 million bequest from 101-year-old woman name was Anne Scheiber, who had no prior connection to the Jewish-affiliated school. The gift was to be used to fund scholarships for women.

As the university’s public relations director, David Rosen executed a plan to maximize publicity of the gift in a way that reinforced the school’s Jewish identity and its commitment to educating women. He scheduled announcement of the gift for the school’s annual fundraising gala, held during the Hanukkah-Christmas gift giving season, and gave the New York Times an exclusive one-day jump on the story.

The Times story appeared on page one and resulted widespread coverage of the event and worldwide reporting of the story. It ran on all major broadcast networks and in People, Money magazine, Forbes, The Boston Globe, Reader’s Digest, and many more publications. Oprah named Scheiber one of her “women of the year,” triggering a deluge of phone calls to the Admissions Office.

Cristo Rey Boston High School: Branding

Founded in 1921, North Cambridge Catholic High School joined the innovative Cristo Rey network of Catholic high schools in 2004. These schools serve low income, inner-city students. The curriculum includes four days a week of rigorous academics and a paid, one-day per week internship that covers most tuition costs.

In late 2009, the school retained David Rosen Communications to branding itself in conjunction with its relocation from Cambridge to the Dorchester section of Boston. The new branding is used in print collateral, signage and the school’s website.

Cristo Rey’s new tagline has a double meaning: education that works because 100 percent of graduates are admitted to colleges, and education that works because students work to gain skills and pay their tuition.

Silent Spring Institute: Branding

Founded in 1994, the nonprofit Silent Spring Institute takes its name from the path-breaking environmental book “Silent Spring,” written by the acclaimed scientist and environmentalist Rachel Carson.

The Institute conducts research to identify links between women’s health and toxic chemicals used indoors as well those found in outdoor environments. By raising awareness of these links, Silent Spring seeks to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and thereby prevent breast cancer and other diseases caused by environmental contaminants.

Silent Spring conducts a fundraising gala every two years. The branding of the events prior to 2014 had a soft environmental feel that belied the institute’s solid scientific work. In 2014 they hired David Rosen Communications to rebrand their 20th anniversary gala, giving it a scientific feel and new mission-driven, forward-looking messaging. The new branding was used in all print and web collateral, including a save-the-date card, invitation, letterhead, web page and email marketing.


“David was a wonderful boss and an extraordinary mentor at the University of Chicago. He is a skilled communications professional who understands how to achieve results. He is a gem of a human being to work with and for.”


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